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John Maisel has had a diverse background in various business and ministries activities since being honorably discharged as a captain from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1967. While in the Marine Corps he was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart as a result of his tour in Vietnam. Before his time in the Marine Corps, John attended Oklahoma State University (OSU) where he majored in Business and Philosophy. As a scholarship athlete in football, John played quarterback and defensive back for the OSU Cowboys. After his senior year he was signed by the Houston Oilers where he failed to make the season roster as a defensive back.

After returning to Dallas in 1967, John desired to use business as a means of self-support for his Christian ministry to athletes and businessmen in Dallas and around the country. His business soon became a platform for his ministry to various business organizations and universities around the globe.

In 1982, Eastern European Seminary was formed where John became President and began to engage in full-time ministry behind the Iron Curtain. Eastern European Seminary was the first organization for what was later called Biblical Education by Extension International, headed by a consortium of organizations under Dr. Jody Dillow out of Vienna, Austria. When the Iron Curtain fell, John resigned as President in 1993 to form the present organization called East–West Ministries International. East–West was formed to penetrate closed countries that remained hostile to the gospel, classified as restricted access nations. Presently East–West engages in church planting and evangelistic outreaches in over twenty-five countries.

East–West Ministries Mission Statement: East–West Ministries Inter­national exists to evangelize and equip nationals to establish grace-oriented churches.

John stepped down in June of 2010 as President and CEO. He presently holds the title of Founder, Emeritus.


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